A Safety Net Is A Net Protect From Injury After From Falling From Height By Limiting The Distance They Fall. The Term Also Refers To Devices For Arresting Falling Or Flying Objects For The Safety Of People Beyond Or Below The Net.

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Coconut Tree Safety Nets

We Are Offering Coconut Safety Net To Our Clients. On Top Of The Net, HDPE Monofilament Net Is Fixed To Prevent Small Particles And Bird Droppings From Falling On Vehicles.
To Avoid The Coconuts Falling On People Or Vehicles Coconut Safety Nets May Be Used. The High Quality Nets We Provide Last Long And Strong To Arrest The Fall Of Coconuts On People Or Roads Or Any Vehicles. They Can Be Helpful If There Are Coconut Trees At Home, Near Office, Apartments And Malls To Avoid Danger And Ensure Safety Of People.
Features: Light Weight, Economical, Tear Resistance, It Is Very Easy To Install, Reliable. Our Team Provides Any Kind Of Coconut Safety Nets In Several Colors And Several Sizes To Our Customers At Cheapest Market Prices.
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Why Pigeon Safety Nets ?

Pigeon droppings not only gives additional maintenance and also have many health hazards..